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Articles and Resources

In this series of articles you will find out more about using cloud-based mold design software, XaaS, and SaaS to better your efficiency and, in turn, bolster your bottom line. Using our fictitious mold design team of Samantha and Oscar, let’s peek into what happens at a typical mold manufacturing company. 
By Cynthia Kustush

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Collaborate in the Cloud to Accelerate Mold Design

Pt. 1. Learn how Siemens NX Mold Connect helps get products to market faster and easier. Follow this design team's process with NX Mold Connect online. 


Siemens NX Mold Connect Streamlines the RFQ Process

Pt. 2. Access to faster, more accurate quotes ensures more timely production launch. Learn how straightforward supply chain management can be.


Siemens NX Mold Connect: Simplified DFM Analysis

Pt. 3.
Use DFM analysis to optimize designs before manufacture.
Take a closer look at the tools our team accesses to test their

Siemens Tools

NX Mold Connect's Tool Costing: More Accurate & Streamlined

Pt. 4. Find
out how to use Tool Costing with Feature Recognition tools to quickly generate quotes to send to the customer.


Cloud Data Management Made Easy for Mold Connect Users

Pt. 5. Siemens Connector Plug-In
gives NX Mold Connect users
full interoperability from cloud to desktop, making collaboration easy. 


When is the Best Time to Make the Switch to Cloud?

A look at cloud-based mold design and the new NX Mold Connect design XaaS app, plus how do you prepare to implement this technology.

By Cynthia Kustush



What Mold Design Technology Do I Need?

A focus on which mold design software within the Siemens’ design family is best suited for the way you want to work.

By Cynthia Kustush



Get Management Buy-in to Cloud Technology

Secure support and funding for your technology implementation.

By Cadalyst Staff



In Cadalyst's Mechanical CAD Solutions column, we discuss technology, innovative use of mechanical design, trends, and more. 

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